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Rainfall winning the Jersey Stakes (Group 3) at Royal Ascot. Trained by Mark Johnston.

1st Cut Timothy Grass Haylage

Our main product and ideal for racehorses which are being fed large amounts of high energy concentrate feed. It is completely dust free and has a number of benefits:

  • Very palatable and sweet smelling
  • High in digestible fibre
  • Low in protein


1st Cut Ryegrass Haylage

10% of our First Cut production is Ryegrass haylage produced for certain customers on request. Ryegrass haylage is higher in energy and protein than Timothy and not as fibrous.


2nd Cut Haylage

Ryegrass and Timothy are both produced as a cheaper option for horses out of training and leisure horses.


The Bales

  • The bales are approximately 140cm long, 80cm wide and 70cm high which are generally delivered 6 bales per pallet unless otherwise requested
  • All bales are individually wrapped with several layers of plastic to prevent any fungal growth
  • We aim to make all the haylage as dry as possible usually to about 70 – 75% dry matter to achieve the best possible conditions for mild fermentation and a dust free end product
  • After each bale is individually wrapped they are stacked 6 bales per pallet to reduce handling of the individual bales and therefore reducing the risk of any damage or change to the wrapped environment

Each pallet of 6 is then wrapped for extra protection and finally a plastic hood is put over the pallet to keep the bales as clean and dry as possible.

wensleybarn quote
We feed Wensleybale to all our horses. It is to my mind the best and most
consistent forage available for racehorses. I wouldn't choose anything else.
Mark Johnston